November 2015

Civil Defence - Dialog 2015

Which actions have the priority after the approval of danger zone plan? Which technologies – with the support of civil protection organizations and of each citizen – can guarantee the safety of assets and of vulnerable users in an alpine environment? Can a municipality increase its attractiveness if it is committed to become more safer?  

The 2015 edition of the event "Civil Defence Dialogue", organized by the Civil Protection and Alpine Safety Cluster of TIS on November 25th 2015, has concentrated on the sustainable development of the urban territories and of the road network infrastructure, and has represented, like in the past, a valuable opportunity of discussion between local experts from research, industry, public sector and civil protection voluntary work.

The event has been the occasion to present the CLEAN-ROADS project to the South Tyrolean civil protection community. The focuses of the presentation have been:

  • he experience of a public-private partnership supported by an innovation centre like TIS;
  • the technical ITS architecture developed;
  • the new pilot procedures introduced in order to get a more efficient and environmentally sustainable winter road maintenance.

The CLEAN-ROADS experience has been particularly appreciated by the local public, which has considered this initiative a best-practice to be further replicated in the future. Even the proposed system architecture has been considered a good reference example to follow, since it touches in a complete way all phases which are peculiar of the different civil protection sectors.