November 2015

CLEAN-ROADS at the TIS EU funding event

TIS innovation park is a centre that aims, among its other objectives, to foster local companies to participate to research & development projects supported by EU funds. During a conference (here more info about the conference) organized on November 19th, 2015 in the scope of the EU network "Enterprise Europe Network (EEN)", the main financial instruments available at international (e.g. Horizon2020 and COSME), inter-regional (e.g. Interreg programs) and local level (ERDF) have been presented.  

The event has been enriched by the statements of some local companies who have already participated with success to some EU projects. One of these concrete statements has been brought by Famas System through its participation in the LIFE CLEAN-ROADS project. The core of this presentation was put on the advantages but also on the complexities in participating to a project directly funded by the EU Commission. (pdf of the presentation which was heald in german).