Ottobre 2015

CLEAN-ROADS at Festivalmeteorologia

On October 16th and 17th 2015 the CLEAN-ROADS project took part to Festivalmeteorologia, the first event about meteorology ever organized in Italy for the general public.

Held in Rovereto, Festivalmeteorologia aimed to spread and consolidate a basic meteorological culture in a non-specialist audience. There is an increasing evidence that knowing the main concepts and tools of meteorology is nowadays necessary in order to correctly understand and interpret the large amount of daily weather information spread by the media on the national territory.

The CLEAN-ROADS project was disseminated through two posters presentations. The first one, of general nature, introduced and explained the project objectives, the methods applied and the preliminary results obtained. The second one, of technical nature, which was already presented at the conference ICAM 2015, explained the system developed by Meteotrentino to predict road surface temperatures and their minimum values.

CLEAN-ROADS has also been mentioned in the seminar "How to make money out of uncertain weather forecast" presented by Andrea Piazza (Meteotrentino Weather Service), as a powerful example of how weather forecast can be successfully applied in decision support system to assist winter road maintenance operations.

The event brought together meteorological services providers and operators, companies and professionals working in the field, researchers, teachers and students, the general public and meteorology enthusiasts at every level.