January 2014

First Workshop of the Clean Roads project

Different topics have been addressed during the first workshop of the Clean-Roads project: environmental impact of the salt spreading operations during the winter season, proper interpretation of numerical weather predictions, road weather models at disposal of the winter road maintenance service. The workshop has been the occasion to provide a general overview of the project to a wide audience of specialists in the sector, with focus on the technologies that will be introduced and the goals to be achieved. The main topics developed within CLEAN-ROADS have been directly shared and discussed with relevant experts of the winter road maintenance sector at national level, who have contributed to the discussion through interesting insights about current initiatives and activities. The event has taken place on January 15th in Trento at the headquarter of the Autonomous Province of Trento.

The slides presented during the workshop are available at the following links:

  • Stato dell'arte e obiettivi futuri delle procedure e metodi di manutenzione invernale stradale in ambito autostradale, Igino Lai, General Director of Exercise - Strada dei Parchi S.p.A. (slide)
  • Trattamenti anti-ghiaccio su diverse pavimentazioni bituminose e loro impatto sulle opere d‘arte, Eleonora Cesolini, Director of Research and New Technologies - ANAS S.p.A. (slide)
  • Le nuove metodologie nella manutenzione invernale e le pavimentazioni autopulenti, Gabriele Cammomilla, Road terotecnolog (slide)
  • L'impatto ambientale prodotto dalle attività di manutenzione invernale delle strade, Paola Foladori, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering - University of Trento (slide)
  • Prospettive attuali e future di sistemi RWIS in A22, Carlo Costa, Technical Direction - Autostrade del Brennero S.p.A. (slide)
  • Il progetto CLEAN-ROADS: obiettivi, tecnologie, modelli ed esternalità, Ilaria Pretto, Road Management Serivce – Autonomous Province of Trento, Thomas Tschurtschenthaler - Famas System S.p.A. (slide)
  • Conoscere l'incertezza delle previsioni meteorologiche per decidere meglio, Andrea Piazza, Risk Prevention Department - Autonomous Province of Trento (slide)
  • Modelli road-weather: stato dell'arte e prospettive future, Gianluca Antonacci - CISMA srl (slide)
  • Modelli road-weather: un caso di studio utilizzando il modello GEOtop, Matteo Dall'Amico - Mountain-eering srl (slide)