January 2014

The Clean-Roads project at the SIRWEC 2014

The Clean-Roads project has been presented at the SIRWEC 2014, an international conference about Road Weather Systems, this year held in Andorra one week before the other main international congress on road, the PIARC (World Association Mondiale de la Route). The conference dealt with the following topics:

  • Session 1: Winter road forecasting techniques and methods;
  • Session 2: Sensors and equipment (in situ, mobile, RWIS);
  • Session 3: Decision support systems, road maintenance, best practices & user experience;
  • Session 4: Road weather for all seasons, zones & climates.

The team of Clean-Roads introduced the project (scope, activity, technologies and goals) to the attenders during session 3 on January 31st, together with other international RWIS (Road Weather Information System) projects and experiences. The Clean-Roads project has been presented as the first Italian project that aims to optimize the winter road maintenance procedures by using a RWIS integrated with a Maintenance Decision Support System (MDSS). Another interesting aspect of the Clean-Roads project presented during the conference concerns the environmental aspects; one of the goals of the project is indeed to reduce the environmental impact of the winter road maintenance operations.

The presentation attracted a lot of attention since some key aspect cof the Clean-Roads project were cited by the organizers during the closing speech of the conference.

Here you can find the documentation (in pdf format) presented to the conference: paper and presentation.

More information about the conference are available on the conference web page http://www.sirwecandorra2014.ad or on the SIRWEC organization web page www.sirwec.org.