April 2016

SIRWEC 2016 Conference

The CLEAN-ROADS project was presented in occasion of the SIRWEC 2016 Conference held on April 27th  - 29th in Fort Collins, Colorado (USA).
The CLEAN-ROADS project was presented through a publication named "The CLEAN-ROADS project: a combined environmental-cost-user gain from the application of a MDSS to winter road maintenance operations". Through this contribution, it has been possible to share the main results and topics developed in the project, as well as the first preliminary results obtained. Despite the impossibility to physically attend the conference, the CLEAN-ROADS team has had the opportunity to share this project experience with the most important forum worldwide dealing with road weather technologies.  
Paper and poster in PDF format are available here.
For more details on the congress please visit the web site http://www.sirwec.org