April 2016

EGU 2016 Conference

The CLEAN-ROADS project was presented in occasion of the EGU 2016 (European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2016), held on April 17th – 22th in Vienna.

The congress was attended by about 13.650 experts, with about 600 scientific sessions and more than 5.000 speakers. The CLEAN-ROADS project was presented through two different publications. The first one, entitled "A combined road weather forecast system to prevent road ice formation in the Adige Valley", has been presented in the form of a poster, and has given a detail about the road weather forecasting system developed in the project, as well as a first glance to the validation results obtained. The second publication, entitled "CLEAN-ROADS project: air quality considerations after the application of a novel MDSS on winter road maintenance activities", has been presented in the form of a poster as well, and has provided an in-depth overview of the studies and the preliminary empirical results of the environmental impact associated to winter road maintenance on the matrix air.

All material prepared for this congress is available here in PDF format.

For more details on the congress please visit the web site http://egu2016.eu.