The workplan is organized into five different macro-actions, as illustrated in the Gantt diagram below.

Four different project "dimensions" can be highlighted:

  • technical development level, in which an initial preparation of the test site and an evaluation of the technological state-of-art and of the users' requirements are at the base of the design, implementation and empirical validation of the entire RWIS system;

  • monitoring level, which aims to evaluate the impact of the project on both the target audience and to quantify the environmental gain which is possible to earn through the proposed CLEAN-ROADS system;

  • dissemination and awareness-raising level, which aims to guarantee an early and active involvement of both local target groups (in particular, the road operators responsible of the winter road maintenance activities)as well as interregional and international stakeholders;

  • project management level, whose goal is to guarantee that the project goals are successfully achieved in accordance to the financial and the temporal constraints defined in the project proposal.