Project deliverables list


Public deliverables

Final Report [pdf]

A1: Experimental data collection campaign

A2: Project Requirements Analysis

  • D.A2.1 - Target users functional requirements [final]
  • D.A2.2 - Technological instruments and constraints [final]

C2: Monitoring the environmental improvement of the project

  • D.C2.1 - Initial impact evaluation [final]
  • D.C2.2 - Ex-ante impact evaluation [final]
  • D.C2.3 - Process evaluation [final]
  • D.C2.4 - Ex-post impact evaluation [final]


Private deliverables

B1: System Design

  • D.B1.1 - Reference architecture for RWIS collection system and real time monitoring and forecasting operations [summary]
  • D.B1.2 - Design of the system for road weather information distribution [summary]

B2: System Implementation

  • D.B2.1 - Enhanced RWIS station demonstrator [summary]
  • D.B2.2 - Mobile RWIS station demonstrator [summary]
  • D.B2.3 - Real-time road conditions monitoring software [summary]
  • D.B2.4 - Road condition forecast software [summary]
  • D.B2.5 - Road operators application [summary]
  • D.B2.6 - Local travellers applications [summary]
  • D.B2.7 - Result of system components validation tests [summary]

B4: System integration

  • D.B4.1 - Results of the application of enhanced winter road maintenance procedures [summary]
  • D.B4.2 - Assessment of the benefits on local road management service and reproducibility criteria  [summary]

C1: Monitoring the impact on the target audience and local welfare

  • D.C1.1 - Initial impact evaluation [summary]
  • D.C1.2 - Ex-ante impact evaluation [summary]
  • D.C1.3 - 1st Process evaluation [summary]
  • D.C1.4 - 2nd Process evaluation [summary]
  • D.C1.5 - Ex-post impact evaluation [summary]