August 2015

The CLEAN-ROADS project at ICAM 2015

The CLEAN-ROADS project was presented at the 33rd International Conference on Alpine Meteorology (ICAM 2015), held in Innsbruck (Austria) from August 31st to September 4th, 2015.

ICAM 2015 is part of a conference series that is organised every two years with the aim to foster attention in the mountain meteorology field. ICAM topics focus on dynamical / air quality / ice processes and weather prediction in the European Alpine area, where the orography makes the terrain complex and land-atmosphere interactions more challenging to understand. ICAM topics are presented not only as research-based results but also as operational applications. One of ICAM aims is in fact to promote the translation of scientific knowledge into pragmatic situations, e.g. by tackling practical issues strictly related to mountain meteorology.

It is in this context that the CLEAN-ROADS project found its place at ICAM 2015. During the poster session held on August 31st, the CLEAN-ROADS team presented the automatic model system developed by Meteotrentino Weather Service to forecast road surface temperatures at their minima and therefore predict potentially slippery roadways. The model was presented to attendees as a significant example of road weather application where environmental sensor stations were installed and measured data elaborated in order to support for the first time winter road maintenance activities in Trentino mountainous region.

ICAM 2015, which attracted more than 220 participants, was the first conference where the results from the automatic model system had been presented to research and operational experts in the alpine meteorology field. 

The CLEAN-ROADS team was also present at the Innsbruck Summer School of Alpine Research (InnSAR 2015), which took place just before ICAM 2015. InnSAR focused on land-atmosphere exchanges over mountainous terrains providing cutting-edge lectures on a topic that, as pointed out above, plays a fundamental role in understanding meteorological applications to the alpine area.

Please find here (pdf format) the documentation presented at ICAM 2015: poster.

Please find more information on: ICAM 2015 at the conference web page and at the ICAM organization web page InnSAR 2015 at the school webpage