April 2016

RSCY 2016 Conference

The CLEAN-ROADS project was presented in occasion of the RSCY Conference (Fourth International Conference on Remote Sensing and Geoinformation of Environment), held on April 4th – 8th in Cyprus.

The CLEAN-ROADS project was presented through a speech named "Thermal mapping as valuable tool for road weather forecast and winter road maintenance: an example from the Italian Alps". The speech has summarized the project activities and the results related to the development and empirical testing of a new thermal mapping system coupled with a spatial forecasting model for predicting in a qualitative way the road surface temperature in all points of the road network.

This publication has been awarded by the Organizing Commitee with the Best Poster Award.

Abstract, paper and poster in PDF format are available here.

For more details on the congress please visit the web site http://www.cyprusremotesensing.com